Local degrowth realities

A survey for mapping degrowth realities in the world was conducted in 2018. 114 organisations answered to the call, with nearly 3.000 active people engaged, mostly located in Europe, but also in North and South America, Philippines, Tunisia, Turkey, etc. Every initiative/group/movement that follows degrowth ideas (as referred in the declarations of the International Conferences of Paris and Barcelona) is welcome to join the map. Individuals interested in creating local groups (activism, practitioners, reading groups, collective research) can join the map in order to be visible from other people who might be interested to work with them.

If you want to place your initiative on this map, please register now and put in your own entry! See description below this map.

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How to place your initiative on the map

Note: If you filled out the survey in the past, we transfered your data to this map. Please check if your data is still correct. If not please change it.

Check if your entry is already mapped.

  • If yes, press the little pencil at the top to edit the entry and add more information.
  • If not, click the button “+ Add new entry”. Add all contact details and description.
  • Always use the tags “degrowth” and “group”.
  • Add one or more from these tags: research, activism, practice, oppositional activism, arts, politics.
  • Add any other suitable hashtags that fit to your organisation.
  • If you are an individual interested in building a new group, please just map your group as if it would exist, but use additionally the tag “starting group”.

Make sure the entry is correct and accept the open source licence, then click save.

Further information about the map of tomorrow.

This is a voluntary initiative, conducted by practitioners from around the world.

Endorsed by the Degrowth Support Group.

Supported by Degrowth.info, see the announcement.

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